Hello and welcome to my eFolio page. I am Leo Jon Langlois and I am from Muskegon, Michigan. After I graduated from high school, I was unsure where I would go to continue to excel in academically. I have visited a variety of colleges such as Central Michigan and Western Michigan. Graduating from a class of 64 it is quite intimidating to go from a small private Catholic School to a large public college. Holy Cross College seemed to be quite fitting for me because it is a small institution yet it is still larger then my high school. 

I have been attending at Holy Cross College since 2009 and I am majoring in Liberal Arts with a minor of both English and Political Science. At first when I was planning to go in the field of optometry when I was a freshman until I have broadened my horizon through a couple key classes at Holy Cross. The college and it's faculty and staff have helped me grow a strong foundation on core competencies which I will go into later in my efolio. Being in a small institution definitely has it's perks that other colleges can not offer which is a strong community with the students and the opportunity to speak with the professors and brothers on a regular basis to where you learn about their lives; that is how the students grow and meditate in their character development.

Holy Cross students have to complete four pillars in order for them to graduate: Service Learning, Global Experience, Professional Internship and a Capstone. Just to clarify there is not a particular order in completing these four pillars. Each of these pillars helped me grow through my mind, body and spirit along with putting my core competencies to practice.  

My Capstone presentation will be on Thursday, November 14th in the Art Room of the Vincent Building, Room 140.

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